Super-automatic air operated Contactless leverless tyre changer

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Inspection of mounting machine according to wdk-test guideline based on wdk-Mounting/Demounting Instructions UHP and Run Flat Tyres.
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JBOSS is a further evolution from our original project Giuliano XBOSS touchless leverless tyre changer, whose undisputed success on the most important international markets, has inspired Giuliano to develop the first XBOSS-based simplified high-performance model.
As a further development of XBOSS, Giuliano top of the range model, JBOSS maintains the majority of its working advantages and key features, all covered by exclusive international patents, yet it is simplified in various working units and systems, which makes the machine more attractive to a wider audience.

JBOSS contactless leverless tyre changer features 5 patented GIULIANO technical solutions for the high-end shop:
  • XTOOL works without touching the rim! Top bead and bottom bead mounting tools also work automatically with preset movements and never come into contact with the rim, as they are designed to mount tyre beads completely risk-free (GIULIANO patented).
  • TWINLASERS - two LASER POINTERS allow to easily set working tools in proper position simultaneously, according to tyre diameter and width. Once the rim position is set, you never have to change anything in your operation (GIULIANO patented).
  • BP1 Plus, extremely innovative high performance pneumatic bead pressing arm (GIULIANO patented) automatically lifts up at the end of the mounting procedure, and moves back to rest position, with no need for the operator to change his working position.
  • Bead breakers tower moves in synch with clamping chuck, thus guaranteeing best bead breaker angle on disks, with any kind of tyre.
  • Center Driven Concept – Innovative solution covered by Giuliano patent: perfect penetration of the disks towards the center of the rim ensures the complete and immediate bead loosening, thanks to purposely designed misalignment of disks with center hole of the rim.
  • Smart Lock (Giuliano patent), the fastest wheel clamping system in the world !!
Safe and fast, it is an ideal machine for mounting / demounting the most challenging tyre assemblies, without any risk of damaging the rim or tyre.

  • Double arm/disk air operated bead breaker system;
  • Bead breaker disks are slightly but purposely misaligned with the rim center for a better and faster penetration and immediate bead loosening, Center Driven Concept (GIULIANO patent);
  • Syncronized movement of Mount and Demount tools, through Twin Lasers System (Giuliano Patent) setting and adjustment;
  • Double rotation speed by pedal and motoinverter;
  • Patented SMART LOCK ultra-quick wheel clamping system, through cone and shaft with Smart Lock nut;
  • XTool no contact leverless tyre demount device (Giuliano Patent);
  • Wheel positioning through motorized clamping chuck and laser pointers (Giuliano Patent);
  • Tyre inflation by pedal (standard);
  • Operated by pedal and control console with joysticks;
  • Equipped with BP1 Plus bead pressing arm (standard), complete with self-storage function (GIULIANO patent);
  • Suitable for Wheel Lifter and tubeless tyre bead seating system (optional).
XBoss tyre changer is suitable for fitting/removing all kinds of passenger car and LCV tyres from 12" to 28" (max. wheel diam. 1200 mm./47", max. wheel width 406 mm./16") and it is recommended for top professional tyre specialists, servicing run flat and UHP tyres with no tool/rim contact.
Made In Italy
Rim clamping range 12" - 28"
Max. tyre diameter 1200 mm (47")
Max. tyre width 406 mm (16")
For reverse mounted wheels, variable according to rim features
Max. wheel weight 80 Kg
Bead breaker force at 10 bar 11770 N (1200 Kg)
Operating pressure 8-10 bar (116-145 Psi)
Power supply 230V - 1Ph - 50/60Hz
Motor power 0,75 kW / 2 speed
Balancing speed 7-16 rpm
Pre-set tyre inflating pressure 3,5 bar (50 Psi)
Net weight 561 Kg
Dimensions (WxDxH) 1800 x 1650 x 1650 mm

JBoss vs Standard Steel

JBoss vs Run Flat

JBoss vs Low Profile

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How to adjust the SMART LOCK ?

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