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Two speed tilt-back tyre changer for racing tyres with new flower power wheel clamping system


Resistance Under Stress Coefficient (RUSC) gives some idea of how robust a tyre changer can be, in terms of strength and power against all different kinds of stress involved in mounting/demounting tyres. Do you want to know more about RUSC ? Click here !

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Inspection of mounting machine according to wdk-test guideline based on wdk-Mounting/Demounting Instructions UHP and Run Flat Tyres.
(*) Version available upon request
Main Features
Car (TC)

Suitable for car wheels


Model with four control pedals, tilting tower, sliding horizontal arm and operating arm with automatic lowering and locking by pushing button.


Allows to operate with tyre assemblies from 10" to 28".


Jaw Clamping
Rim clamping is performed by means of 4 jaws facing each other, driven by pneumatic cylinders connected to the control pedal.


Blade Bead Breaking
Bead breaking by conventional blade, works with tyre assembly in vertical position


Press Arm
Helps easy mounting/demounting of the second bead of ultra low profiled tyres or run-flat.


Helps easy mounting/demounting of tyres, keeping down the tyre bead and allowing an easy introduction of bead lever as well as an easy setting in position of the second bead.


Power X
Turntable plate with 4 cylinders, exclusively patented by GIULIANO, allows clamping tyre assembly with higher power, reliability and safety.


Triple Lock
Pneumatic clamping system with triple action, ensures a combined vertical, horizontal, and diagonal locking of operating and the horizontal arm, so eliminating all possible mechanical plays.


Two speed chuck
Two speed pneumatic chuck, allows to adjust rotation speed in accordance with the type of operation to perform, ensures work efficiency and safety.

Super automatic Tyre changer, specially designed for Racing and oversized wheels, ideal for tire specialists; suitable for any wheel of passenger cars, motorcycles and LCVs 10"-28" (max. diameter 1200mm./47”, max. wheel width 406mm./16"). Equipped with new wheel clamping system FLOWER POWER, with 4 air cylinders and racks, and with two speed bidirectional rotation system for turntable (selection by hand).
  • Turntable with Flower Power four-cylinders and racks clamping system, 26” external clamping;
  • Oversize column, tilt back (pedal operated), equipped with integrated locking/adjustment mechanism for horizontal arm and hex bar;
  • Pneumatic control for up/down movement of hex bar operating arm;
  • Adjustable bead breaker arm, with “traditional rounded” or “GIULIANO parallelogram” movement, to keep a constant angle of the shovel on the tire bead;
  • Bead breaker shovel adjustable according to the tire type;
  • Oversize body, with bead breaker pedal in user-friendly position;
  • Extractable pedal box;
  • Motor 400V-3ph-50Hz, 2 speed;
  • Standard equipped with Help4 and Press Arm3, pneumatic towers to ease fitting/removing operations on low profiled and Run Flat tires, and with dynamic tire- assist roll-plate, to help rotating tire and wheel while breaking the bead;
WDK: Version available upon request
Made In Italy
Rim clamping range 10" - 28"
Max. tyre diameter 1200 mm (47")
Max. tyre width 406 mm (16")
Max. bead-breaker cylinder force 30900 N
Operating pressure 10 bar (145 psi)
Rotating speed 7-14 rpm
Power supply 400 V 3ph
Motor power 0,8-1,1 kW
Max. spindle torque 1200 Nm
Inflating pressure limiting device max. 3,5 bar (50 psi)
Net weight 461 kg