Heavy duty truck tyre changer machine for truck and agriculture tyres, 14"-46"/58"(1)

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Heavy duty truck tyre changer machine suitable for truck, bus, agriculture and earth-moving heavy tyres with 14" - 58"(1) rim (max. wheel diameter 2400 mm./94,5", max. wheel width 1300 mm./ 51"), equipped with two-speed hydraulic clamping chuck, tool holder arm carriage with automatic movement, automatic tool rotation and mobile control unit for safe and convenient operation. Suitable for both tube and tubeless tyres.
The greatest number of operating arm automatic features, high performance and most powerful engines make this tyre changing machine ideal choice for those, who want something more than S 551 XL.
Excellent quality super-automatic machine capable of handling earth moving wheels. Suggested for professional truck tyre service and high volume shops.
Make tyre changing for heavy-duty vehicles and agriculture tyres a breeze with our truck tyre changer machine. Get the job done quickly and efficiently!

  • Hydraulic movement of clamping chuck holding arm (up-down).
  • Hydraulic travel movement of operating arm carriage (left-right).
  • Operating arm automatic tilting and travelling on carriage.
  • Double tool (disk + finger) automatic rotation.
  • Wheel clamping by fully hydraulic operated jaws.
  • Operating arm and clamping chuck arm facing each other.
  • All motions controlled by console and pedal box.
  • Emergency safety button on control console, for stopping all functions.
  • Suitable for control consolle installation on pivoting arm (optional).
  • Rim center hole clamping range ø 80 - 1200 mm.
  • Clamping chuck minimum height from ground 315 mm (center).
  • Wide and low profiled platform eases the loading of heavy wheels.
  • Clamping chuck is powered by two speed electric motor.
  • Suitable for remote control installation (optional). Replaces standard cables and enables all functions control by radio transmission.
  • Designed, built and engineered in Italy.
  • "Right to repair" - all service parts available for at least 10 years since production, easy maintenance and reduced environmental impact.
(1) For the rims from 47" to 58" it is necessary to use the optional set of 4 jaw extensions for clamping wheels from 47" to 58".
Made In Italy
Rim clamping range without extensions 14" - 46"
Rim clamping range with extensions (optional) 14" - 58"
Max. tyre diameter 2400 mm (94,5")
Max. tyre width 1300 mm (51")
Power supply 400V - 3ph / 2 speed
Other voltages and frequencies available upon request
Hydraulic pump motor power 1,5 kW
Gearbox motor power 1,8 / 2,5 kW
Operating pressure 140 bar (2031 psi) ±10%
Bead breaker force 36000 N
Net weight 1025 kg
Max. tyre assembly weight 1800 kg
Max overall dimensions 2210÷2850x1840÷2050x970÷1900 mm

Super-Automatic heavy duty truck tyre changer 14"-56"