Mobile tyre changer 13"-27" for mobile tyre service for trucks, buses and road transport vehicles

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S562 tyre changer is designed for mobile tyre service for trucks, buses and road transport vehicles (tube and tubeless tyres). This fully hydraulic machine fits into most common commercial vans through either the side or rear door and is equipped with adjustable support-foot for firm positioning in any situation.
Mobile tyre changer with electro-hydraulic clamping chuck is equipped with multi-stage clamping jaws with plastic protections for alloy wheels allows clamping of rims with a centre hole even of only Ø 80 mm and a total diameter of up to 27". Equipped with ergonomic wheeled control-console with simple commands layout, suitable for remote control installation (optional). Nylon bead breaker roller for alloy rims. Self-lubricating bushes in all articulated joints. Electro-hydraulic unit with easy inspection area for maintenance.
Min. size of van’s door required for complete assembly’s installation: 1100 mm x 1750 mm. The truly space-saving tyre changer for mobile tyre service, designed for a fast and efficient workflow.
Equipped with a new optional power unit (generator+compressor), as an ideal mobile workstation that allows you to work on the road with the same features and performance as in your tyre service workshop.

Optional POWER UNIT (GENERATOR + COMPRESSOR): Dual-cylinder pump for air compressor. Compressed air tank. Hose coilers in easily accessible position. Electric sockets 1Ph and 3Ph with thermal circuit breaker. Fuel tank for diesel engine. Battery for diesel engine. Lombardini /Kohler diesel engine.

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  • Hydraulic movement of clamping chuck holding arm (up-down).
  • Hydraulic travel movement of operating arm carriage (left-right).
  • Operating arm manual tilting and travelling on carriage.
  • Innovative roller & finger double tool allows to handle tyres either with or without a bead guide lever.
  • Electro-hydraulic motor for clamping chuck rotation.
  • Wheel clamping by fully hydraulic operated jaws.
  • Machine installation from the side or back door of the van.
  • Clamping chuck holding arm tilts outside the van-door & folds back inside the van after use.
  • All motions controlled by joysticks and pedal box.
  • Emergency safety button on control console and generator, for stopping all functions.
  • Rim center hole clamping range ø 80 - 700 mm.
  • Clamping chuck minimum height from ground 330 mm (according to van's floor height).
  • Available in version without generator and compressor (optional)
  • Generator:
    • Power 10,6 kW;
    • Supply Diesel;
    • Voltage 230 V 1ph / 400 V 3ph;
    • Cooling H2O;
  • Compressor:
    • Capacity 100 lt;
    • Air flow 650 lt/min;
    • Voltage 230V 1ph/ 400V 3ph;
    • Also equipped with 2 air feeding plugs and hoses, complete with coilers mt. 10, plus one extra electric plug for connecting 220V-1ph outlet.
  • Designed, built and engineered in Italy.
  • "Right to repair" - all service parts available for at least 10 years since production, easy maintenance and reduced environmental impact.
  • S562 mobile tyre changer is the perfect solution for mobile tyre service, fitting any common commercial van for side or back door installation and fully hydraulic operated.
    Made In Italy
    Rim clamping range 13"-27"
    Max. tyre diameter 1600 mm (63")
    Max. tyre width 870 mm (34")
    Max. tyre assembly weight 1000 Kg
    Max. bead-breaker cylinder force 18760 N
    Rim center hole minimum clamping diameter 80 mm
    Operating pressure 130 Bar (1885 Psi)
    Power supply 400V - 3ph
    Other voltages and frequencies available upon request
    Hydraulic pump motor 2,2 kW 400V 3ph
    Gearbox motor power Hydraulic
    Net Weight 543 Kg
    Generator + Compressor net weight 416 Kg
    Max overall dimensions 1000 x 1030 x 1580 mm
    Max overall dimensions with generator/compressor 1610 x 1030 x 1580 mm

    Tyre mounting/demounting procedure

    Tyre tread sculpting kit, installed on truck tire changer for mobile service...