Giuliano Automotive Catalogue 2023
Giuliano Automotive Catalogue 2023 | Quality Wheel Service Equipment Made in Italy

Our 2023 interactive catalogue is out now!
Our wide product range spans across 7 categories for all your tyre shop needs:

  • Leverless-touchless tyre changers make your job quick, safe and easy with all types of tyres and wheel;
  • Automatic and semiautomatic tyre changers, superior versatility, durability and performance. Discover our high-performance traditional tilt-back machines, center post or PAR-MOVE concept models;
  • Motorcycle tyre changers for specialists, servicing motorcycles, scooters and ATV tyres;
  • Budget tyre changers, Silverline by Giuliano, including most of Giuliano exclusive features and low cost manufacturing;
  • Truck and heavy-duty tyre changers, the most extended and complete range of machines dedicated to servicing “big” tyres, guarantee of efficiency, productivity and safety;
  • Wheel balancers for car, truck and heavy vehicle wheels (with pneumatic wheel clamping, stunning graphics, touch screen and high-performance software for a great user experience!), powerful and reliable machines all in-house made;
  • Wheel alignment for passenger’s cars and LCVs;
  • Electronic inflating devices for cars & truck tyres;
  • Tons of accessories.
Our new Giuliano interactive catalogue allows customers to easily browse for our products like never before!! With the use of cutting-edge technology, our catalogue offers a fully interactive experience, including high-resolution images, videos of all our products, internal and external links to easily navigate in and out of our catalogue. The new Giuliano catalogue also features advanced search and filtering options, making it easier than ever to find exactly what you're looking for. Comfortable full screen reading even on tablets and smartphones. Table of content provides easy access to the different sections. Additionally, the Giuliano Catalogue is available online, so you can access it anytime, anywhere. We are confident that our new interactive catalogue will enhance your browsing experience and make it more convenient than ever to find the products you need.

So don’t delay, check it out today!!

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