Mobile tire service: S562 Mobile tire changer for trucks and buses

When it’s about MOBILE TIRE SERVICE for trucks and agriculture vehicles, go safe and choose GIULIANO S562, the best choice for the best professionals !!

In 2009 Giuliano officially launched the first version of the S561 truck tire changer for mobile servicing of truck, bus and road transportation vehicle tubeless tires, taking a significant step in the field of mobile tire service equipment. In 2017, Giuliano introduced the second edition, the S562, which further consolidated our position as a pioneer in the automotive equipment market. This new edition has been developed to meet the growing needs of tire specialists and to offer them an even wider range of services:

  1. Possibility to perform tire fitting directly on the road.
    Our S562 tire changer is equipped with a new optional power unit– generator+compressor, making it an ideal mobile working station, which enables tire specialists to work on the road with the same features and performance as in your tire service workshop.
  2. Bigger capacity to be great even on super-singles and light agricultural wheels.
    The geometric development of the S562 allows you to service a wider range of wheels than the competition, including some light agricultural wheels.
  3. Hydraulic motor to reduce rotation speed and allow manual tire retreading
    Thanks to the spindle rpm/rotation speed controller it is possible to rotate the wheel very slowly to perform tire retreading.
  4. Ideal solution for servicing truck fleets.
    Possibility of servicing truck fleets: companies are not obliged to bring each vehicle to the tire dealer, but the tire dealer drives to the company's car park to service all vehicles in a single trip (e.g. on Saturdays, so as not to force the customer to stop the vehicles to change tires during the working week).

S562 truck tire changer enables tire specialists to provide exceptional service wherever they go, ensuring the safety and satisfaction of their customers.

S562 is a completely hydraulic space-saving machine, that fits in most popular commercial vans either through the side or back door and is equipped with adjustable support-foot for easy and steady positioning in any condition.
Hydraulic clamping chuck equipped with multi-stage clamping jaws with nylon protectors for alloy wheels allows to clamp rims with center hole as small as Ø 80 mm and overall diameter up to 27”. Ergonomic control console on movable unit with wheels suitable for remote control installation (optional).

It's not just a tire changer, but a complete mobile solution for tire specialists. Its durability, advanced technology and versatile features have made it the first choice for professionals in the industry.
GIULIANO S562: your best choice ever for Mobile Tire Service on heavy vehicles!

For a technical summary on S562, please refer to the product data sheet.

All details, technical data, and features of our new S562 can also be found in the related brochure, while the corresponding prices can be found in our price list, which can be downloaded from our website.

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