Incentives for electric cars
Is the future of the automobile electric ?

2013 could be the year when the market of the electric auto will go out of the limbo, in which is confined today owing to the lack of points of recharge and the elevated costs. The 289 registrations, of this typology of vehicles, on a total of 1.750.000 in 2011, put Italy to the tenth place in Europe.
The Honourable Agostino Ghiglia, together with Andrea Lulli, has introduced a project of Law that aims at the development of the sector. "At the beginning of April - he explains - the Senato has inserted in the "Norms for the development of the urban green spaces" the part that concerns the installation of recharge poles in public areas by the societies of energy distribution".
The proposal also considers the possibility to found the right to create, with fiscal facilitations, in autonomy, a recharge point for the blocks of flats, so integrating the public offer with that private one. According to Ghiglia there would be the availability, from the Minister of the Environment Corrado Clini, to find the necessary resources to start. We talk of incentives around 5000 Euro for vehicle in initial phase, to go down to 1000 Euros within five years (in countries as France and Spain incentives are even higher, up to 6000 Euros).
Why to aim at the electric autos? Because they knock down the emissions of CO2 from fossil fuels, because they make us save money and because they trigger off a virtuous market of production of renewable energies and related activities.