Winter Tires
Summer Tires vs Winter Tires

During winter months it's not just ice and snow that makes roads slippery and difficult to drive on. Even cold temperatures and wet contribute to potentially dangerous slip, loss of grip and longer braking distances. Tire manufacturers have designed winter tires to provide much better grip and safety in these conditions. Let's see throught this video a comparison between summer and winter tires, in two tests. The "Braking test" will show the difference in braking distances for the two tire types. Both cars brake at 25 km/h, but while summer tires struggle for grip and stop in 12mt, winter tires offer a much better grip and stop in 8mt. The "Cornering test" will show the loss of grip that leads to less traction control and lose of control on the vehicle. Remember that winter tires are not just for driving in arctic conditions !! Instead, whenever temperatures go below 7°C, they can offer better grip, stability and safety. Link: Summer vs Winter Tires Video