New 2014 Giuliano tire changers range finally available!

Technological innovation has always been a major factor in automotive industry. Car, for years the main expression of human technology, has been transformed and improved as well as all its component parts. Among these parts, tires deserve a special mention, which are the only contact point between the vehicle and the road and, at the same time, provide safety and “comfort“ ride. Tires' evolution goes hand in hand with that of passenger car, and for this reason, those who work in tire service equipment manufacturing industry must not only keep pace with latest updates, but also anticipate automobile manufacturers, to provide tire specialists with needed equipment, when they need it.

Since almost 40 years GIULIANO brand means quality, reliability, performance and innovation in tire service equipment market. Thanks to a constant and successful cooperation with customers, OEM partners, tire manufacturers and international regulation authorities, Giuliano designs, manufactures and markets state of the art solutions, which constitute a privileged choice for tire professionals.

New 2014 tire changers range is at the same time an element of continuity and innovation, as in the tradition of Giuliano. How it is possible to join two antithetical terms? Simply, Giuliano history is a story of innovations built thanks to exclusive patent applications, which have improved the working quality of professional tire specialists.

New tire changers range has, as its starting point, the excellence achieved through previous products, matched with recent patent applications, such as PO System, Smart Blade System, Power X, Smart Lock and Qx, just to name a few.

PO SYSTEM is a mechanical system to keep bead breaker blade always connected to its related air cylinder, so that the cylinder itself moves the blade in both directions, through a power-in/power-out mechanism. In this way, the problem of bead breaker blade getting stuck into the rim while breaking the bead can be successfully avoided.

SMART BLADE SYSTEM memorizes both starting and finishing position of bead breaker blade, so that total bead breaker movement can be kept, for example, for a whole set of 4 tires, while operator won't have to use hands to help bead breaker arm. All this changes bead breaking operation into a faster and safer working system.

POWER X is innovative and patented 4 cylinders clamping turntable; allows rim clamping with higher power, reliability and safety.

SMART LOCK is the fastest manual wheel clamping system on spindle chuck in the world. Thanks to the “expanding nut“ (GIULIANO exclusive patent), you just need a 90º movement of the knob after dropping the shaft into the center hole, to have a complete, safe and reliable wheel clamping, with no need of tricky hooking.

QX is exclusive and patented leverless mounting/demounting system. It gives the chance to operate without traditional tire bar, though it keeps the same conventional tire changing procedure. QX is included in top-of-the-range 2014 models and can be installed on all traditional tire changers.

You can see the new product range by accessing tire changers in the products area. We also invite you to try our solutions “on the field“, as the prestigious magazine Auto Repair & Maintenance did, which has twice entitled our tire changers as Top Twenty Tools prize winners.