Pirelli reaches top Tire Efficiency through CyberFleet

Proper tire pressure guarantees not just more reliability while breaking or turning, but also reduces costs, as much as it reduces tire consumption (due to a better rolling resistance) and ensures a longer life to your tire.

Pirelli's CyberFleet system, designed for vehicle fleets, it's made by a special sensor, called Tire Mounted Sensor (TMS), which fits inside the tire and collects tire temperature and pressure data, then transmitting them to the monitoring system.

Two solutions, static and dynamic, are planned. In the first one (static), sensor itself memorizes data to be monitored, only when vehicle stops, through a portable receiver. In the second one (dynamic), sensor transmits collected data to both fleet manager (in order to plan related tire maintenance and budget) and driver. Check and transmission of possible vehicle/tire problems is achieved in real time, to guarantee best safety.

Through this system, and after a test performed on 13 different heavy vehicles for a total of 20,000 km, Pirelli has evaluated a possible fuel save of about 1,000 Euros per year, for each vehicle.

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