DriveGuard: Run-flat according to Bridgestone

Bridgestone DriveGuard is the next generation of run-flat tire technology, available from May 2014.
The innovations introduced by the Japanese tire manufacturer move from the new rubber compound to the heat dissipation system and to the reinforced sidewalls (capable of supporting vehicle weight).
DriveGuard is an all-season tire, suitable for both winter-cold and hot temperatures and weather conditions, and designed to provide the same safe driving and comfort as “conventional” tires. DriveGuard tires have different specific designs for sport cars, sedans, and vans equipped with Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS). These tires give drivers the capability to continue driving up to 50 miles (80 kilometers) if a puncture occurs (when a DriveGuard tire experiences air loss, the TPMS icon lights up and the driver knows how long to still drive the vehicle, after the puncture). Patented heat dissipation system has been specially designed to improve the heat transfer generating when a tire is punctured, as the air loss increases the contact surface between the tire and the road.
Reinforced sidewalls are able to support the weight of the vehicle, even when the tire loses all its air pressure.
Use Bridgestone's Tire Advisor tool to see if DriveGuard will fit your vehicle.