G1, the Number One Tire Changer
G1, the Number One Tire Changer

Some tires are requested to operate in extreme weather conditions (cold, hot, rain).
Some others, though operating in much more favourable climates, are requested to provide top performance in a very limited amount of time.
This is the Elite World of Car Races, where the difference between glory and dust stays in a bunch of milliseconds.
Tires for race competitions are a world apart, compared to traditional car tires, about materials as well as about construction: research and innovation is pushed up to the extreme of high technology.
Tires like these cannot be managed by a conventional tire changer !!
A dedicated product is needed, capable of providing high working volumes in very limited time, but also of taking good care of both tire and wheel.
GIULIANO INDUSTRIAL has decided to offer its tire service equipment know how to race cars world, developing G1 tire changer, in cooperation with the best race Tire manufacturers.
Performance, speed and power are pushed to the limit in this model, to provide a real Number One tire changer !!