Giuliano's ... autumn

Active presence on the market is one of Giuliano objective since 1976. We stand close to tire professionals, offering them wide range of high performance products and providing support on how to make the best use of our technologies. We support our distributors during automotive trade fairs, events and exhibitions to offer you the best engineering solution for your business.

During October and November, we have participated in the most important trade fairs related to automotive sector: from Dublin to Mink, from Budapest to Krasnodar and Las Vegas, Giuliano products have captured the attention of experts and professionals.

In particular, patented and unique QX system (installed on Crossage and Crossage EVO tire changers) awarded with Top Twenty Tool prize in 2011 and 2013 has created great interest both among those who have already bought a tire changer and want to benefit from advantages of the leverless system, and those who are looking for new products for their tireshops. Boss, Crossage and Crossage Evo have been amongst the most talked about and admired tire changers. The first generation Boss tire changer was released in 2004, and thanks to continuous improvement and development, now it is a product of great interest to those who deal with luxury car tires. Tire assembly clamped in vertical position, to see and easy access both sides, no contact and leverless system that preserves the integrity of rim and tire and numerous programs are the distinguishing features of The Boss tire changer. Crossage and Crossage EVO tire changers, equipped with innovative SMART-LOCK system, beat all records in tire mounting/demounting with leverless system. Among traditional tire changers, the patented adjustable bead loosener system on S 228 and S 234 models was a source of interest for those who are oriented towards a "traditional" device.

Easy to use and high performance Giuliano wheel balancers have allowed us to prevail over the competition. Clear choices and well-defined intended user for each model, to help make your choice easier without sacrificing quality of Giuliano products.