Christmas 2014
2014 according to Giuliano

As year 2014 is coming to an end, it's, as usual, time to wrap up. Giuliano this year has completely renewed its tire changers range, joined the world of racing competitions, created a new website and increased its social media presence. Improvements we've made have a common minimum denominator: You. Attention to customers' needs and constant users' feedback led us to make serious changes with enthusiasm, passion and professionalism.

Our new tire changers are our highest pride. Giuliano is striving to be innovative and create useful and highly efficient products, which are perfect not only in brochure images but also perfect for the job. The new range of our products recently was expanded with G1 Sport tire changer for racing competition and motorsport cars, which allowed Giuliano to enter the word of car races thanks to cooperation with ERTS.

This experience allowed us to develop race car tire service equipment and offer, thanks to acquired competences, Giuliano know-how to those who work on motor racing tracks.

A strong international vocation of the company led to technical renovation and creation of absolutely new website, based on modern web standards, full of useful information for our customers and for those, who turn to us in search of an efficient product that make work easier. The introduction of the Russian language is just one example of how Giuliano improves customer support and service, making information available not only in English language. Of course, it's not possible to insert all languages, but these changes are on the way!

The social network world was a new experience for us... but not too much. This world requires a particular communication style, dictated by both time and media: it's more straight, but this is what we have always done. Giuliano communication is always one-to-one because the company listens to customers and understands their needs, wants to get feedback in order to improve its products and services, as well as to achieve customer satisfaction.

This year, to stay with you all the way through 2015, we decided to create printable and interactive 2015 Calendar in PDF format. Click the file you want to access, download it and enjoy the colors of Correggio!

Giuliano Industrial S.p.A. takes this opportunity to wish you a Merry Christmas and a happy New Year!

Please note that our offices will remain closed from 24 Dec 2014 until 6 Jan 2015 due to the Christmas holidays.