Tire Pressure App
The right tire pressure helps the environment … and your money

In 2014, Bridgestone entered the European agricultural tire market with the launch of its innovative VT-TRACTOR tire, specifically designed to boost agricultural productivity and protect the soil.
Japanese tire manufacturer has achieved its goal thanks to a flexible tire structure (VF) and an advanced tread design.
This very-high flexion (VF) at low pressure leaves a footprint up to 26% larger than Bridgestone's key competitors, reducing soil compaction and helping to increase harvest yield.
The new lug design of VT-TRACTOR tire minimizes slip and soil disturbance, thus providing greater traction and a faster work rate in the fields.

Tire pressure plays a key role not just in fuel saving, but also in ride quality, in fact:

  • Compared to competitors' tires operating at 1.0 bar pressure, the new VT-TRACTOR tire at 0.8 bar pressure brings fuel saving of up to 36 litres per 50 hectares worked;
  • With Bridgestone VT-TRACTOR tires there's no need to stop and change tire pressure when moving from the field to the road, in addition, VT- TRACTOR tires allow to save time and increase ride comfort.

To help farmers maintain their VT- TRACTOR tires at the right pressure, Bridgestone has developed a new app for mobile phones and tablets. "It is not so practical to check on printed technical manuals out in the field," says Harald Van Ooteghem, Marketing Planning Senior Manager. Thanks to a smartphone or other mobile devices, you can view the correct inflation pressure, selecting tire size, load and speed of your tractor.

Agricultural tire maintenance is very important and cannot be done without specialized tire equipment designed to ensure efficient operation and safety, as Giuliano S 558 tire-changer which, thanks to the operating arm and clamping chuck holding arm, moving on the same axis (and working differently than in conventional tire changers), always keep same angle for best performance on all tires.

Bridgestone Tire Pressure App is now available for download for both Apple and Android users: