Let's talk about ... QX Plus

How much is professional experience in the automotive equipment field worth? Very much for Giuliano! Giuliano has been offering high performance products for years to the best tire professionals, in Italy and worldwide, who handle many different types of tires everyday: low profile, run flat and traditional tires ...
Experience acquired over the years and constant approach to innovation have enabled our Research and Development Department to design a truly cutting edge mount/demount system: QX Plus.

Following the ground-breaking success of QX leverless mount/demount system, designed to upgrade your traditional tire changer to a leverless model, Giuliano has been launching their QX "Plus" Lever-No Lever pneumatic/automatic device, which is meant to GO BEYOND, transforming Crossage EVO Plus tire changer (the only machine equipped with this Giuliano patented technology) into a machine, which allows you to work in an extremely professional way, either with or without a bead lifting lever.
How is this possible? By operating an additional control lever on the front of the device, you can manually select to work either in “No Lever” mode or in traditional mode, using the tire lever.

Who decides? It’s the Tire Specialist who decides which is the fastest, easiest or most effortless way to operate on specific tire applications. No factory imposed settings and no need to choose at the time of purchase. It is no longer the tire professional who has to adapt to the machine, as the tire changer will adapt to your working needs. The final result will always be the same: simple professional operation without any risk of damaging rim or tire.