Giuliano website becomes responsive!
Giuliano website becomes responsive!

Fast reply, proactivity, ability to face changes are the features always ensuring success of a company.

For this reason, Giuliano has decided to enter the world of Web 2.0, transitioning their web site from desktop to responsive. This enhancement will improve the user experience particularly while using mobile devices such as tablets and smart phones, as the layout and content will adapt automatically to any given screen size.

Why choose responsive design?

Nowadays smartphones and mobile devices are used more than traditional computers for web browsing.

The new updated Giuliano website, thanks to its new responsive design, adapts to any changes in width of a browser window by fluidly adjusting the placement of elements on a web page to best fit the available space.

In this way, our Evolution philosophy embraces the Web as well as our products.

Evolving to improve, thanks to you, with you!