Lamborghini & Design

On Friday, September 20th and on Saturday, September 21st, Giuliano Industrial took part in the second edition of 2019 "Lamborghini & Design" Tour. Thirty five vintage cars and special Lamborghini models have paraded on a 300-kilometre route along enchanting Italian landscapes starting from Venice, with its canals and historic buildings, passing through Viano and Duino to end in the wonderful village of Portopiccolo near Trieste, characterized by its mix of cultures and architectural styles.

Design, culture and evocative views are the setting for this journey at the discovery of Italian style and one of its most famous architects Gae Aulenti.

Thanks to exclusive Giuliano VAN equipped with the New S118 tyre changer for mobile tyre service and wheel balancer, designed for mobile tyre service as well, Giuliano Industrial has ensured that the parade ran smoothly, allowing all participants with vintage cars to enjoy the Tour.
The event ended with the award ceremony for the most elegant Lamborghini.