Car market keeps growing
Car market keeps growing

In February 2015, the European car market recorded growth for the 18th consecutive month. Car sales rose by 7% in February over the same month in 2014 (958,145 new cars were registered) and, even if car sales are far from those of pre-crisis peak, continuous growth process indicates recovery in Europe's car market. According to Promotor statistic center, growth in countries that have joined EURO currency is lower (+6.6%) compared to those who do not use it (+10.9%). Despite market growths such as in Portugal (+35.6), Spain (+26.1), Ireland (+24.3%) and Italy (+13.2%), EURO zone failed to match growth rate of countries which have chosen not to join Euro.

However, it must be noticed how major Western European markets are making good progress.

Volkswagen is in first place among car manufacturers (with more than one new car every four) while FCA has a market a share of almost 7%.

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