Heavy duty tire changer for run-flat, military, armored and standard wheels 12"-46"/58"

Heavy duty tire changer for run-flat, military, armored and standard wheels.

The only existing tire changer to service RUN-FLAT, military, armored and standard tires for trucks and heavy duty vehicles. Suitable for both tube and tubeless tires.

Combined with a set of hydraulic cyilnders and pistons, and using dedicated accessories, it is suitable for removing the solid band anchored to the rim inside military and armored tires.

  • Hydraulic movement of clamping chuck holding arm (up-down).
  • Hydraulic travel movement of operating arm carriage (left-right).
  • Operating arm and clamping chuck arm facing each other.
  • Rim center hole clamping range ø 80 - 1200 mm.
  • Clamping chuck minimum height from ground 315 mm (center).
  • Clamping chuck is powered by two speed electric motor.
  • Wheel clamping by fully hydraulic operated jaws. Multistage clamping jaws.
  • Double tool (disk + finger) manual rotation.
  • Operating arm manual tilting and travelling on carriage.
  • All motions controlled by console and pedal box.
  • Emergency safety button on control console, for stopping all functions.
  • Wide and low profiled platform eases the loading of heavy wheels.
  • Engineered and Built in Italy.
  • Suitable for remote control installation (optional). Replaces standard cables and enables all functions control by radio transmission.
Extensive selection of Standard accessories: flanges for 16”/20” wheels, bead breaking lever, centering brackets for 16”/20” wheels, extensions for 16”/20” wheels (4 pieces), mounting band.
Made In Italy

The only existing tire changer to service military and armored tires.

Hutchinson tire application, using Goodyear Wrangler MT, 37x11.50R16.5 tire with solid band inside (16.5x8.25)

MP6 vs MICHELIN 16.00 R20 XZL, 173/170 G

MP6 vs MICHELIN 14.00 R20 XZL, 164/160J