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Wheel Alignment for passenger's cars and LCVS, 3D Camera Imaging

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Main Features

Feather Rollbar
“Feather Rollbar” system, enables operator to quickly adjust camera beam height with zero effort. Combined with cameras instant imaging, it helps adjusting alignment position manually with no waste of time.

3D (WA)

Vision based 3D Imaging technology using 2 High Performance SI (Scientific Image) Camera.


Management Software with user-friendly interface guides users step by step through clear and efficient indications, allowing to perform quick and error-free measurement.


Can be operated from a PC with Microsoft Windows, the most widespread and most compatible operating system on the market.


3D Pictorial & Two color text printout.

CWA21, new 3D wheel alignment system, completely new product for GIULIANO and its range, embodies state of the art alignment features, provides accurate measurements and allows working much more efficiently and faster. New automated 3D measurement system and durable checkerboard type targets are less fragile compared to CCD sensor heads. Two high resolution instant imaging 10Mpx USB 3.0 cameras provide real time image and Feather Rollbar system guarantees easy adjustment of cameras’ height by hand with no effort and waste of time.

  • Vision based 3D Imaging technology using 2 High Performance SI (Scientific Image) Camera;
  • Simultaneous Front and Rear wheel alignment (4 × 4);
  • Push Pull Runout compensation, set Back and thrust angle;
  • Lift level compensation at adjustment level;
  • Unlimited memory for vehicle specifications;
  • Option for selection of vehicle specification during alignment;
  • Power failure data protection;
  • Automatic tracking of Left & Right turns for Caster/Kingpin measurements;
  • Adjustment of Camber in wheel Jacked-up position & Toe curve measurement;
  • Rear Setback & Track width difference;
  • Toe adjustment in single Tie rod vehicle, Vehicle geometry measurements;
  • Effortless Toe (Easy Toe) adjustment program;
  • Camber measurement at Zero Toe;
  • Drag link adjustment;
  • Toe out on Turns & Lock angle measurements;
  • Zoom in option for live parameters;
  • Two Colour Bar display for adjustment of all angles;
  • Data Manager Software for storing alignment results;
  • Customer Address in printout & customer data edit option;
  • 3D Pictorial & Two color text printout;
  • Two wheel Alignment program by fixing only front target plates;
  • Feather Rollbar system for easy and user-friendly adjustment of cameras’ height by hand.
Made In Italy
Camber (Front/Rear) ± 15° 00’ (± 00° 02’)
Caster ± 28° 00’ (± 00° 05’)
Kingpin Inclination ± 25° 00’ (± 00° 05’)
Half Toe (Front/Rear) ± 20° 00’ (± 00° 02’)
Total toe ± 40° 00’ (± 00° 04’)
Toe out on turns at 20° ± 20° 00’ (± 00° 02’)
Setback (Front/Rear) ± 25 mm (± 2 mm)
Thrust angle ± 05° 00’ (± 00° 02’)
Runout compensation ± 10° 00’ (± 00° 02’)
Included angle ± 40° 00’ (± 00° 05’)
Track width difference ± 300 mm (± 5 mm)
Power supply 230V AC, 50 Hz / 110V AC, 60 Hz
Power consumption 200W
(without printer)
Operating temperature 0 - 50°C