Outlook on Automechanika 2014

The 23rd edition of Automechanika Frankfurt has just closed its doors, so it's time for exhibitors to wrap up and feed back on the prestigious European trade fair for the automotive aftermarket industry.
As usual, Giuliano showed in its own booth its high-performance tyre service equipment products. The exhibition proved that Giuliano is the only manufacturer able to cope with all different types of tyres. Thanks to G1 Sport tyre changer, designed in cooperation with the best race tyre manufacturers, Giuliano Industrial entered the elite world of car races and professional motorsport car tyre service. This machine, already working on most famous international racing tracks, has confirmed our company's know-how, as excellence and expertise of almost forty years in the field, for those who are used to technological excellence.

Giuliano has displayed its new tyre changers range and the latest innovative solutions, able to cope with all needs of real tyre professionals. Among them were S 226  PRO traditional tyre changer, S 228 PRO DUO tyre changer with combined two assist arms, SX 234 with POWER X 4 cylinders clamping turntable (Giuliano exclusive patent) and most of all the new Crossage EVO, the winner of Top 20 Tools, equipped with new QX+, Lever-No-Lever mount/demount system.

The new QX+ is not only the improved version of QX system, which can upgrade your traditional tyre changer to a leverless model, but it's a new Giuliano Industrial product, developed thanks to our customers feedback and support.
QX+ is a Lever-No-Lever pneumatic/automatic device. Additional control lever allows you manually select the possibility to work in “leverless mode” or with traditional tyre lever.
Compared with the previous model, the new QX+ has also a different shape of the finger tool, to confortably work on 10" wheels.

Giuliano has introduced its new PRESS ARM+ installed on Crossage EVO tyre changer. The new additional helper system is equipped with double bead depressor with combined roller and pad, and thanks to the new automated systems it provides a valuable support during bead mounting operations, reducing operator's effort.

Giuliano is not only a tyre changer manufacturer, but also a company able to meet all needs of tyre professionals. Numerous visitors of our booth had also the opportunity to get acquainted with Giuliano wheel balancers range. The wide range of our products covers all requests: from simple models to super-automatic systems with graphic touchscreen control panels and sonar detectors.

Quality control and attention to every detail, constant users' feedback and research activities are the key elements that allowed Giuliano over the years to rich a leading position in automotive industry. The confidence of our customers and tyre manufacturers, with whom we work closely, are making us proud and willing to keep on innovating in the automotive market, which in these uncertain times may count on Giuliano brand as the best choice for tyre professionals.