Pirelli Noise Control System
Pirelli halves the noise !

The steady progress ​​in automotive technology has allowed all motorists to experience an increasing comfort while driving their cars. The noise reduction related to the mechanical parts isn't a problem anymore so that, as far as acoustic comfort, only two major issues are currently open: aerodynamic flow and tire rolling. While the first one is handled in complete autonomy by car manufacturers, the second one will be handled by tire manufacturers. What are we talking about, exactly? The noise caused by vibrations of the air compression released during the rolling of the tire is transmitted from the tire to the hub, so that it gets through the steering and suspension, inside the car. Through its Pirelli Noise Cancelling System (PNCS), made by inserting a sponge of polyurethane inside the cover, Pirelli is able to reduce the intensity of the noise by 2-3 dB, which is, actually, by half of auditory perception. This technology is at the moment, available only on P Zero tires, with brand PNCS on the shoulder, for Audi RS6 Avant and RS7.
The Italian manufacturer, also states the performance features (road grip, wear, rolling resistance, ...) of the tires remain unaffected by the introduction of this tecnology.

Tire professionals, equipped with Giuliano tire changers, are able to operate without any kind of problems on these new tire applications.