Eco-supercar by 2020
Eco-supercar by 2020

The 2015 Frankfurt Motor Show opens its doors from September 17th to 27th, but some information about the most hi-tech cars ever have already been leaked to the press.

"Hi-tech" and "green Technologies" are the core theme of the Show. The car of the future will be the most powerful computer you will ever own. Besides, cars will become appreciably cleaner in the coming years (thanks to hybrid and electric vehicle technologies), as many carmakers are trying to make them cleaner to run while reducing any environmental impact during the manufacturing process.

Volkswagen announced there would be 20 more electric cars and plug-in hybrids by 2020 – from compact cars to the next Phaeton and Audi A8.

The new BMW 7 Series will be the first ever production vehicle equipped with Gesture Control system. Gestures are detected by sensors and can be used to control the car’s music system, including turning the volume up and down with the wave of a hand, as well as accepting or rejecting phone calls (like in the modern game consoles). There is also an all-new removable 7" BMW Touch Command tablet, which is integrated into the central armrest in the rear and controls numerous vehicle functions from the realms of comfort and entertainment. The new BMW display key shows a range of information about the vehicle’s status, allows selected functions to be controlled via the integrated touch display and governs the world's first Remote Control Parking (RCP) feature.

To celebrate the 66th anniversary of the Frankfurt Motor Show, Bugatti has developed an exciting concept for ‘Vision Gran Turismo’. Designed exclusively for the video game "Gran Turismo" Bugatti's Veyron series was limited to just 450 vehicles (now all sold out). Those who were not able to buy one, can enjoy themselves enormously by driving the “Veyron” in the PlayStation video game.

The evolution of the automotive industry is accompanied by the simultaneous evolution of the whole ecosystem surrounding it, including tires and tire service equipment.

If the 2015 Frankfurt Motor Show has delighted car fans with latest technology and some new futuristic super-cars, Autopromotec has marked the European debut of XBoss Super-automatic no contact robotic tire changer that represents the last step in leverless tire changers' evolution.

Designed according to new SAFAST concept (SAfe on wheel FAST on work) it allows to service Run Flat and UHP tires with no tool/rim contact.