XBOSS tire changer: the real news in Automechanika 2016
XBOSS tire changer: the real news in Automechanika 2016!

Automechanika 2016 has just closed its doors, so it's time to wrap up.

Giuliano Industrial takes the opportunity to thank all their customers for visiting our booth, for their positive feedback and confidence in our products. At Automechanika, we were able to reach all our current customers as well as to establish many new contacts.

XBOSS tire changer has completely fulfilled and even exceeded our expectations: not only our company but also all automotive industry experts, dealers and technicians who visited the trade fair have defined XBOSS as the real news in Automechanika 2016!
We are very proud of the results we have achieved and particularly satisfied by the positive feedback on XBOSS, as a further confirmation of our ability to design unrivaled high performance products.
There are many reasons why you should consider buying Giuliano XBOSS tire changer, and in this article, we would like to highlight some of them.

Patented SA FAST system (SAfe on wheel FAST on work), Giuliano innovative concept, has proved to be an absolutely winning solution for XBOSS!
FAST and SAFE are not just our commercial slogan, but also a reality, which can be easily verifiable when demounting tire for the first time.

XBOSS is SAfe and FAST in every operation:

  • thanks to SMART LOCK, tire professionals can perform perfect wheel clamping in less than 2 sec ! SMART LOCK (Giuliano Patent) is simply the fastest manual wheel clamping system in the world ! The rim is protected thanks to the supplied plastic cone and plastic protections.
  • TWINLASERS system with two laser pointers (Patent Pending) allows to set both rim diameter and width, thus representing a huge advantage over the competition, who can only set the rim diameter
  • CDC system - CENTER DRIVEN CONCEPT (Giuliano Patent) allows a complete and immediate bead loosening, so reducing the bead breaking time at a single clamping chuck spin.
  • Thanks to TRITOOL system (Patent Pending) each mounting/demounting tool is automatically placed in the correct operating position. The system works automatically through preset movements, with no need for the operator to change his working position.
  • Unlike other products on the market, XBOSS is a real No Contact Leverless tire changer: XTOOL no contact leverless tyre demount device (Giuliano Patent) doesn't need plastic protectors, as it works without touching the rim! Top bead and bottom bead mounting tools also work automatically with preset movements and never come into contact with the rim, as they are designed to mount tire beads completely risk-free.


  • XBOSS tire changer represents a truly unique concept on the international market. XBoss key technologies and innovative accessories, all covered by international patents, fully protect our product, which cannot be copied, and whose uniqueness is therefore unquestionable.
  • XBOSS is not only no contact but it is also a leverless tire changer. No matter which kind of tyre you are working with, the procedure is always the same, whether you work with conventional, run-flat, “extreme” UHP low profiled or soft tires.
  • XBOSS is extremely user-friendly: once the rim is locked onto the clamping chuck, the operator has no need to change his working position.
  • XBOSS is a fully automatic machine, but at the same time operator can decide to take over during each phase of the working process, at any time.
  • XBOSS is an electro-mechanical tire changer with no electronic components, so as to simplify after-sales service.

Those are just a few reasons why you should consider buying Giuliano XBOSS tire changer to add more value to your business and gain a competitive edge over the competition!