News from Geneva Motor Show

The 87th Geneva International Motor Show (GIMS) took place in Geneva, Switzerland, from March 9th to 19th, 2017. "We are The Motor show", said Maurice Turrettini, GIMS President, and numbers seem to confirm that: 126 automotive world and European premieres, 22 for the accessories sector, 180 worldwide exhibitors, supercars with over 1000 hp, zero-emission vehicles, and 900 exhibited cars.

Self Driving Cars of the future were in the spotlight as well as the new frontiers of transportation (from electric to hydrogen powered cars) and, in general, everything related to sustainable mobility. Pirelli presented two innovations: colored tires and “Pirelli Connesso”.

The color Edition of P Zero and Winter Sottozero tyres is marked by coloured flanks created to meet the consumers' growing need for personalization in the prestige and premium segment. Initially available in red, yellow, white and silver, they will be available upon request in the entire spectrum of colors. Thanks to an innovative labelling process and the introduction of new compound solutions and specially designed protection systems the “Long P” is able to preserve integrity and brilliance of tire sidewall color in everyday conditions.

Another innovation at GIMS was Connesso System, which marked Pirelli's exciting entry into the digital tire world. Pirelli Connesso is an integrated platform (which took extensive research and testing to develop) based on a sensor embedded within the P Zero and Winter Sottozero ranges to expand on information from each car's on-board computer. This sensor (only weighing a few grams) gathers information about the status, the wear and the maintenance needed on all four tyres and other information, and conveys it to a control unit and to the Pirelli Cloud. These two, together, send alerts to driver's app.
2.0 Motorists app is so informed, thanks to alerts, on the tire conditions and the location of the nearest tire shop, in case any maintenance is required.
Pirelli Connesso works even when the car is standing still, unlike TPMS, and will be able (in future releases) to report loss of pressure even remotely, planning on-site replacement procedure.
The Pirelli Connesso system turns into an electronic gauge during inflation, giving the motorist exact values and actual pressure without waiting for the tyres to cool down.

Goodyear has revealed two innovative new concept tires, Eagle-360 and Intelligrip.

Eagle-360 Urban is designed with maneuverability and connectivity in mind; spherical shaped, it is ideal for nextcoming autonomous vehicles, as it perceives changes in road shape and weather through intelligent sensors, and shares info through the Cloud with all other connected vehicles; while Intelligrip Urban features advanced sensor and treadwear technology; all information are shared by all vehicles members of the same fleet, always through sensors and Cloud.
Each tire has one main feature – safety, which is the biggest concern surrounding the nextcoming generation of autonomous vehicles.

If the future of the automotive industry is toward a sustainable technology, Giuliano did not miss this opportunity.

At Geneva Motor Show, Giuliano Industrial, together with its Swiss Distributor, SAFIA Garage-une Industriebedarf AG, has displayed a preview of the new Giuliano tire changers range with parallelogram operating arm (which will be officially presented at Autopromotec 2017 in Bologna in May). Thanks to PAR - MOVE Concept based on articulated parallelogram movement of the operating arm, the new Giuliano machines do not require any additional rear or side space, as with conventional tilt back models, and can be installed in a working space perfectly fitting their actual overall dimensions.

Ergonomics and space saving allow a better organization of work flow and of the tire shops.

The machine presented is the basic model in our new high-performance tire changers range ... we look forward to showing you the whole series as well as the exclusive Giuliano parallelogram technology!