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Superautomatic Hydraulic No Contact Tire Changer

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Inspection of mounting machine according to wdk-test guideline based on wdk-Mounting/Demounting Instructions UHP and Run Flat Tires.
(*) Version available upon request
Made of lightweight metal, the Support Ring allows the tire to support the vehicle in case of air loss. The Support Ring can be fitted on the conventional wheel. In case of air loss the ring inside the tire supports the vehicle and fixes the tire bead onto the wheel rim in complete safety.
PAX is an automobile run-flat tire system that utilizes a special type of rim and tire to allow temporary use of a wheel if its tire is punctured. The core of PAX system is the semi-rigid ring installed onto the rim using special equipment. It provides support to the tire and its sidewall to allow emergency operation at limited speed until such time the tire can be replaced.
Michelin® Zero Pressure (ZP)  tires feature a reinforced sidewall that is designed to support the weight of the car even after a loss of air pressure — even with no air in the tire. Michelin Zero Pressure Technology allows to continue driving (for a short distance and at a reduced speed) in case air loss.
Main Features
Car (TC)

Suitable for car wheels


Allows tire mounting/demounting operations without use of classic conventional tire lever, making the operations more practical, easy, intuitive and without any stress for the operator.

NO Contact (TC)

NO Contact
No Tool/Rim Contact


Allows to operate with tire assemblies from 10" to 30".


Tire changer with reinforced chassis.

QC The Boss (TC)

Quick Clamping
Rim clamping is performed by clamping chuck and hydraulic cone.


Control Console
Control panel allows controlling each single automatic movement and positioning of the machine by an easy pressure on the buttons.


Roller Bead Breaking
Bead loosening by disks, without contact with the rim, works with tire assembly in horizontal position


Press Arm
Helps easy mounting/demounting of the second bead of ultra low profiled tires or run-flat.


Two speed chuck
Two speed hydraulic chuck, allows to adjust rotation speed in accordance with the type of operation to perform, ensures work efficiency and safety.

Lift (TC)

Allows an easy and ergonomic positioning of the tire assembly on the clamping chuck or turntable plate, so avoiding any possible stress for the operator, caused by tire lifting operations

Superautomatic hydraulic next generation no contact Tire Changer, suitable for fitting/removing all kinds of tires for passenger's cars and LCVs 10"-30" (max. wheel diam. 1200 mm/47", max. wheel width 406 mm./16"), equipped with new-design automatic finger-tool, to remove tire bead without using the traditional bead lifting lever and without any risk of damaging the rim because of no contact between finger tool and rim (no contact and leverless tire changer).

  • All functions hydraulic, controlled by soft touch panel;
  • Tire assembly clamped in vertical position, to see and easy access both sides;
  • Automatic positioning of clamping chuck according to wheel size;
  • Fully automatic No contact robotic finger tool for tire fitting/removing operations;
  • Hydraulic spindle chuck controlled by pedal;
  • Tire inflation by switch (standard);
  • Equipped with Tire Lift (standard);
  • Equipped with Press Arm (standard).
WDK: Version available upon request
Made In Italy
Rim clamping range 10" - 30"
Max. tire diameter 1200 mm (47")
Max. tire width 406 mm (16")
For reverse mounted wheels, variable according to rim features
Bead loosener cylinder force at 10 Bar 12265 N
Operating pressure 130 bar (1885 psi)
Power supply 400V 3ph / variable speed
Hydraulic pump motor power 1,1 kW
Clamping chuck motor power 0,75 kW
Chuck rotation speed 3 - 14 rpm
Pre-set tire inflating pressure 3,5 bar (50 psi)
Net weight 705 Kg
Max overall dimensions 1930x1370x1940 mm