Inter Cars' Exhibition (Zagreb)

The collaboration between Inter Cars Croatia and Giuliano Industrial S.p.A.
is increasingly consolidating and extending to the complete Giuliano range of products, from tire changers and wheel balancers for cars and trucks, to Xedra testing equipment.

On the occasion of the latest INTER CARS SHOW held in Zagreb on June 2nd, 2018, we had the chance to exhibit our wheel balancers S 830 and S 840, our tire changers S 228 L-N-L, S 121 and JBOSS in our booth inside the Inter Cars fairground, and to present personally to all the visitors the features of the exhibited machines, including all the innovative concepts developed by Giuliano in the last few years.

Both S 228 Tire changer, one of Giuliano best seller, now realized also in a Lever - No - Lever version, enabling the operator to work either with or without the bead lever, and S 121, one of the model of the parallelogram range of tire changers, a real space saving machine, based on a very innovative working concept, were really appreciated by all the visitors.

The show was also the right occasion to introduce JBOSS, our new super-automatic air operated no contact leverless tire changer.
JBOSS is a further evolution of our original no contact leverless tire changer project, Giuliano XBOSS, whose undisputed success on the most important international markets has inspired us to develop a new, simplified high performance model.
Based on its "bigger brother's" main contents, JBOSS maintains the majority of its working advantages and key features, all covered by exclusive international patents, yet it is simplified in various working units and systems, which makes the machine more attractive to a wider audience and customer base.
Sharing common purposes is the base of the collaboration between Giuliano and its Partners, a constant profitable support!