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Wheel alignment IWA81R
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Main Features

Suitable for car wheels


Li-Ion battery
High performance memory-free Li-Ion batteries. The battery can work for up to 24 hours.


Radio 2.4 Ghz Transmission
Radio transmission, 2,4 GHz, without homologation troubles


Car Databank
The data base preset for further updatings


Solid State Optical Sensors
MEMS solid optical sensors and inclinometers, stout and shock-proof

Computerized wheel alignment system with 8 infrared CCD sensor heads for total check of vehicle geometry (passenger cars and LCVs). Equipped with low-latency multichannel radio transmission system in wireless version on 2,4GHz industrial radio frequency, ready-to-use system (set up not needed). Wheel alignment based on Windows® operating system, software compatible with database further updates.
Power supplied to the sensor heads by rechargeable Li-Ion batteries with up to 24 hours working charge. The power of infrared system allows performing wheel alignment also on SUVs or LCVs. Measurement sensors transmit information through advanced data transmission system BT2. Batteries are also rechargeable directly with measurement sensors mounted on clamps, no need to remove them.
It can be integrated by proper software and extensions for clamps and heads for alignment of heavy duty vehicles, either total or on one axle only (kit is available on demand). Equipment made in accordance with state-of-the-art standards. Solid state sensors for higher reliability and longer life, with low thermal drift. Shock-resistant silicium inclinometer. High integration level of components, so making the appliance light and solid at the same time. Local keyboard on each sensor. Full optional version to operate on any kind of vehicles and wheels, both on the ground and on alignment lift.
  • Radio transmission, 2,4 GHz, without homologation troubles;
  • High performance memory-free Li-Ion batteries;
  • High distance transmission through advanced data transmission system BT2;
  • Toe angle view > ± 24°;
  • Steering angle measuring without using electronic turn-plates;
  • Angle measuring resolution 0,01°;
  • ROC measurement possible either with wheel free or at ground;
  • Simultaneous reading of Caster, Camber and Toe;
  • Measures comparison on display;
  • Measuring procedure with variation of vehicle setting;
  • Toe curve measurement according to VAG specs;
  • “spoiler” program with inclined sensor heads
  • Interactive HELP system to guide the operator;
  • Diagnostic system with constant control of sensors calibration
  • IR sensors equipped with DSP micro-processor with independent calibration (weight = 2,65 kg.);
  • MEMS solid optical sensors and inclinometers, stout and shock-proof;
  • Sensors automatic shutdown system;
  • Equipped with 4 cables for sensors battery charge and feeding system; radio transceiver on industrial base 2,4 Ghz; CD software IWA81R (included licence of use) and Data Bank at your choice
    • Made In Italy
Measuring System CCD Infrared
Number of sensor CCD 8
Toe measuring range > ± 24°
Camber measuring range > ± 10°
Caster measuring range > ± 20°
Power supply 230V/50-60Hz/1ph
Max absorbed power 500 W
Sensor weight (without clamp) 2.6 Kg
Data transmission radio 2.4 GHz
PC Pentium IV - 3.0 GHz
Operating System Windows® XP