Automechanika 2018
Automechanika 2018

GIULIANO INDUSTRIAL S.p.A. – Hall 8.0, Stand A65
We really look forward to seeing you in our booth during Automechanika Show in Frankfurt!!
We’ll be proud to introduce our most recent new products as far as Tyre Service Equipment and Testing Equipment.


  • XBOSS, Top of the range tyre changer by GIULIANO, no-contact and Leverless, embodies most of the innovative features of our R&D. It will be shown in Frankfurt in its Officially BMW Approved version, complete with reverse mounted and no center hole wheel clamping adaptors. Together with Crossage Evo Plus, XBOSS is recommended and endorsed by Lamborghini, and it has recently been installed in some of the most productive original equipment factories in Europe.
  • JBOSS, the new born no-contact leverless model, developed from XBOSS and including most of its main features, all patented by GIULIANO, although being air operated. Even more simplified as for working areas and functions, it is intended to attract a wider range of operators.
  • SX120 PRO DUO L-N-L, S121, S119, three different models as a declination of the same concept, PAR-MOVE, to save space in the professional workshop and guarantee extreme rigidity in working operation. Different versions, to fit the needs of most of the operators, in terms of features, functions and price.
  • S228 COMBI, Best seller in GIULIANO range, now available in a more compact and convenient version, including HP LIGHT additional helper arm and a clamping range 10”-26”. The real unbeatable hard-worker for the tough professional.
  • S225 EVO, basic tilt-back tyre changer for garages, now available in a compact and convenient version, including HP LIGHT additional helper arm and a clamping capacity 10”-24”.
  • S560 PRO, officially presented for the first time at Automechanika 2018, is an evolution of S560. It keeps the same basic features, but includes hydraulic motor for clamping chuck rotation, with 3 rotation speeds, the lowest one of which is the best for tyre thread sculpting, a basic operation among damper tyre service workers. Symultaneous movement of tool arm carriage and tool arm ON the carriage guarantees very fast working on both sides of the tire. You will find further details, all technical specs and features of our S560 PRO in the relative brochure available for download on our website, clicking on “PRODUCTS” section.
  • S800, new, compact wheel balancer with led display, it’s a 2D digital electronic model, complete with standard cones and quick ring nut, and upgradable with Sonar system for tyre width automatic measurement.
  • S855 EVO PLUS is the superautomatic, diagnostic wheel balancer of GIULIANO range. It's a 3D model with touch screen video monitor, includes pneumatic wheel clamping and Sonar system for tyre width measurement and radial runout detection. Laser line and laser pointer are easy ways to help placing the balancing weight in its right position. Diagnostic helps choosing the right position of the wheel on the car, according to its original unbalance; reducing static unbalance without causing a worse dynamic balancing; and calculating optimal weight quantity, while maximizing outer planes balance.
  • CWA21, new 3D wheel alignment, completely new product for GIULIANO and its range, embodies state of the art alignment features, such as simultaneous front and rear alignment (4x4), Push Pull Runout, setback and Thrust Angle compensation, Lift level Compensation at adjustment level, Power Failure Data protection, automatic tracking of left and right turns for Caster and Kingpin measurement, effortless Toe adjustment program, Camber measurement at Zero Toe; plus supreme Imaging quality 10Mpx cameras and Feather Rollbar easy adjustment of camera height by hand.
  • LTM100, Tyre Thread Depth measuring Tester, is a stand alone full thread depth measuring platform, including drive through ramps, but also available for embedded installation, inside or outside the shop. Compact and mobile, with camera system for license plate monitoring, picture and recognition, it also includes a Wi-Fi antenna for network connection. Can read and store up to 10 data measurements in stand alone configuration (without network connection), and can be installed in open space, as it’s IP67 guaranteed. Data can be displayed on PC, labtop, tablet or smartphone, according to preferred connection.
We look forward to welcoming you on our booth, to share info and opinion about our new products !!