Autozum 2017
New Giuliano Products at Autozum 2017

AUTOZUM 2017 trade fair (SALZBURG, Austria), the first major event of the coming year, is an excellent occasion for Giuliano Industrial S.p.A. to strengthen their business cooperation with Siems + Klein company (Vienna), started in 2016.

The international trade fair will be held in SALZBURG from 18th to 21nd January, 2017. GIULIANO INDUSTRIAL and its Austrian distributor, Siems+Klein, will introduce (Hall 8, Booth 0312) Giuliano's top of the range tire changers for the first time in Austria, as well as new ultra-high-performance products and more:

  • XBOSS, No Contact Leverless Superautomatic Tire Changer, dedicated to the best tire professionals. With its new features, mostly patented, this fully automatic leverless machine represents one of the few really No Contact models existing in the world market. XBoss works with a totally electric-mechanic system and it is based on Giuliano's exclusive SAFAST concept (SAfe on wheel, FAST on work !!), the design guideline and philosophy behind every new project at Giuliano, whether it is a complete machine or an accessory !
  • Crossage Evo Plus - High Performance Center Post Super Automatic Tilt Back Tire Changer with patented ultra-quick wheel clamping system. It is the only Lever-No Lever tire changer on the market that combines the advantages of "leverless" machine to those of a traditional tire changer thanks to an innovative Giuliano patented QX Plus mounting/demounting system, which can work in an extremely professional way, either with or without a bead lifting lever
  • S 226 traditional tyre changer, Giuliano entry-level solution, which combines solid and reliable design with excellent quality
  • S 228, Giuliano best-selling traditional tire changer, both on European and around the world markets.
  • S 820 and S 840 wheel balancers complete the range of products that Giuliano and Siems + Klein will be proudly presenting at AUTOZUM 2017.

Our qualified commercial technical personnel will be pleased to show customers the innovative features of equipment exhibited.